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Scanning old images to make them new again!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

The other day I was looking for an image that I took in Australia so I can print it and put it up on my wall as a piece of art! My walls are lacking art and between my husband and I-we have a ton of art. It is all just in boxes and portfolios or sitting in a folder on the computer-so sad. Anyways this image was taken with film and since I started my love of photography in 1995, I have a lot of film strips and slides that again just sit in boxes.

I have decided to take action! I am going to pull an image from this 14 year build up of negatives and turn them into positives. I will need to purchase a scanner, something I have been meaning to do, as I will hopefully always shoot some film, but once I do, I will be scanning one image every day. Until then I will be posting a scan a week and I will give some business to some local labs and rental shops-which I am sure they are desperately in need of. So here is my first scan! It is taken back in 1999 of the Joshua Tree National Park in CA. I have gone there a few different times, but this time was magical and I explored the environment with my then boyfriend, Jason (now my husband) with my 35mm canon AE1 and some color infrared chromatic film! Aaawww the photographic memories! Enjoy!

scan  #1