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The office

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

One more shot from Nima’s office!

Photo from last weekend

Thursday, March 26th, 2009


This is Nima and his friend woolly! The shoot was in San Francisco in Nima’s office building, which his boss graciously allowed us access to on a Sunday. There was definately a oingo boingo animal theme in the office and so we made full use of the animal part! Nima truly went to a dark place for this photo-and I truly appreciated his efforts! Thanks Nima!

I actually shot both film and digital last weekend. The first shot I posted was taken with my Hasselblad with Kodak Portra film.  I will now post generally the same shot that I took with my Canon 5d camera.  I have been so technology driven these days that I don’t use my blad much anymore, but I miss it! It puts less pressure on my neck-when I just hold it there below my head instead of cocking my head to the side to look through the viewfinder with other cameras. Anyways there wasn’t much difference in the visual quality, at least with the scan that I got. There is definately a grittiness with the film that digital just smooths over. What I need is a my own negative scanner now!